Welcome to her Little Ways , my blog dedicated to my efforts at making our home a haven (formerly titled Vintage Home Modern Living). My name is Valerie and I am a 40-something wife and mother, daughter and sister.  Formerly an elementary classroom teacher, I now answer to the title of “mom” to three precious blessings.  It is here that I chronicle my efforts to nurture my faith, family, heart and home by striving to complete life’s ordinary tasks with extraordinary love.

The Meaning Behind the Title

Why her Little Ways?  The inspiration for the title came to me after I read an article about the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, popularly known as the Little Flower.   St. Thérèse believed that the path to holiness for us all lies in doing “ordinary tasks with extraordinary love.”  Thus, her “Little Way.”

It has been said that, “…if we are alert to them, the Lord is providing us each day with numerous opportunities to do ordinary tasks with extraordinary love for Him and for others.  Following this “Little Way” will give us peace and joy even in the midst of the pressures and adversities of our lives.”  (Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.)

I invite you to follow me on this journey.  It is my hope that after visiting here you, too, are motivated to nurture yourself and others within the everyday circumstances of your life.

Blessings to you,




St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower



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