Last Spring, our daughter’s dance teacher at the local community center, approached me about enrolling her in private tap and ballet lessons.  So, this Fall, our six-year old daughter began the study of tap and ballet at Miss Tauna’s dance studio.  The studio is a “performance” based studio versus a “competition” dance studio. That is, the emphasis is placed on proper technique and stage performance rather than competitions and trophies.

A uniform of black leotard and pink tights is required, as well as hair in a bun.  Failure to comply (at least for the older girls) requires the dancer to perform a number of sit-ups and/or push-ups according to the signs posted!  Discipline is the rule rather than the exception.

After three years of community center dance, I wasn’t sure how our little one was going to adjust to Miss Tauna’s loving, but firm delivery of instruction.  Surprisingly, it has not fazed her one bit.  In fact, she seems to be excelling at ballet (according to her teacher).  Already, our six-year old is using such terminology as “demi-plié” and demonstrating the five positions of ballet.  We are excited about the  bright future our daughter has ahead of her in the world of dance!

Hair in Bun Ready for Ballet Class

Our Little Ballerina


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2 Responses to Demi-plié

  1. anne marie says:

    Hi Val!! what a cutie she is…and well done on the bun! 🙂

    I used to have a wordpress blog……that’s how I started actually……I miss it!!

    WordPress is more like a “website” which I really like –

    this is great! now I have TWO places to visit you right??

  2. Melinda says:

    What a beautiful ballerina.
    I bet she is having a great time!


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