The Greek Revival Farmhouse

What is a Greek Revival farmhouse?

Simply put, the Greek Revival farmhouse is a simplified and scaled-back version of the urban Greek Revival house.

The Greek Revival style, known as the “national style” because it was the first truly American style of architecture, was brought to the Midwest by migrating New Englanders during the mid-nineteenth century. Greek Revival is a classical style of design based on the columns, beams, and triangular pediments of ancient Greek temples.

Greek Revival farmhouses seldom displayed the classical columns of the Greek Revival style, but instead “were modest country renditions of the classical style, with simplified designs to suit the means of farmers who nevertheless wanted to display their prosperity and good taste. (Creating a NEW OLD HOUSE, Versaci, p. 63)

In 2002, my husband and I built our home to resemble that of the Greek Revival farmhouse.  Although only 8 years old, it is often mistaken for a home that is 80+ years old and  has had, “the garage added on”.  This was exactly the look we were trying to achieve!

Midwestern farmhouses were seldom designed to meet the needs of the growing farm family without having to build additions to the original floor plan.  Although we have not had to add any additions as of yet, it is nice to know that any additional structure will be in keeping with the architectural style and integrity of  the Greek Revival farmhouse.

Here are just a couple of examples of  an urban Greek Revival home and Greek Revival farmhouses.

Classic Greek Revival home in Spencertown, NY, circa 1790

Greek Revival Farmhouse, About 1845, Falls Church, VA

Our new “old” home, built in the Greek Revival farmhouse style, appears to have been standing atop of this hill long before the neighboring subdivision grew up “around” it.

Our Home, Circa 2002


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