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Welcome to Vintage Home Modern Living, a blog dedicated to gracious living here in America’s heartland.  My husband and I currently reside in a new “old” house; that is, a home built in this past decade that more closely resembles a home built in the last century.  In essence, a vintage home designed for modern living.

Inspiration for both this blog and its title came from the book, Creating a NEW OLD HOUSE  Yesterday’s Character For Today’s Home by Russell Versaci.  This book perfectly sums up what my husband and I set out to do in 2001…design and build a home that “blends the emotional comforts of the past with the creature comforts of today.” (page 3, Creating a New Old House
Versaci) Since taking possession in 2002, friends and neighbors are often surprised to learn that our home is only eight years old rather than 80!

Our traditional Midwestern “farmhouse” would not be complete without its rambling wrap-around-porch and white clapboard siding.  “Additions” have come in the form of three precious blessings, ages six (6), three (3) and 6-weeks old.  They have truly helped to transform our house into a home.

I look forward to sharing with you the many ways that I strive to create a home where God and family are the priority, and a nod is given towards the more simplistic living of yesteryear.

View of our Front Porch


About gracioushomeliving

Welcome to her Little Ways, my blog dedicated to gracious home living. I invite you to join me as I chronicle our daily happenings that nurture my faith and family, heart and home as I strive to do ordinary tasks with extraordinary love.
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One Response to Welcome New Readers

  1. Super first post on this new blog.
    Beautiful house—love, love, love the wraparound porch.


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